Daily Fantasy Baseball

Do you love baseball and know your favorite teams and your team’s opponents inside out? Do you currently bet on teams and lose because of that one player that you hate on your favorite team? If you said yes to the above, then daily fantasy baseball is the perfect match for you, as this type of betting allows you to make bets based on individual performance, rather than the entire teams, which makes it a lot better for those that like specific players that perform well and hate certain players that don’t do as well even if they are in the same team.

What is Daily Fantasy Baseball?

What is this special type of betting that we are talking about? It’s a type of betting that lets you create your own fantasy baseball roster regardless of which team the player is in. This gives fantasy sport players the ability to choose players based on their stats and performance rather than choose the entire team that consists of MVP players and the others that may not perform as well. Since baseball is a sport with huge viewership, there are many online fantasy baseball sites that you can use which has large pots for you to enjoy.

There are many different types of pots within these fantasy baseball sites with some ranging from the entire season with the majority being daily games which allow you to create rosters based on the player’s performance on that day instead of the entire season. This allows you to predict the player’s performance on that day in that baseball field rather than the entire seasons with the player having good days and bad days. The fantasy baseball roster that you choose can consist of players from both teams, so that you can choose the best performing players from each team instead of having to stick to one team.

You are given a set amount as your salary cap and you have to choose your team under the salary cap. Sure, you can select all the best performing players on average, but they will most likely take up most of your salary. When drafting your team, you will have to choose between having a team of high performing players and low performing players to stay inside your salary, or you will have to choose between a selection of players that perform average, so that you can stay inside your salary while having decent players drafted. Although this may be a bit difficult in the beginning, with some experience, you’ll be drafting players and creating top scoring teams in no time. We also recommend that you look into the tools that these sites offer you for free as a service, as if they are used correctly, you can gain a huge advantage against other players.

Is Online Fantasy Baseball Legal?

The story behind the legality behind fantasy baseball varies per state, but most states allow fantasy sports as a game that requires skill. Due to this, fantasy sports itself is a sport like any other professional sport including baseball and esports which is why there are many legal issues in states that ban fantasy sports, since by theory, it is acceptable by law. If you are unsure about the legal background in fantasy sports in your state, then we recommend that you check online to see if your specific state is contained in the small pool of states that still ban this sport. Some states that don’t allow dfs include: Alabama, Arizona, Louisiana, Washington, and a few others.

Fantasy Baseball Sites Reviews

Below, we will be reviewing three different DFS sites that we think are the best and the ones that you should use because they are trustworthy and have been in this industry for a long time. The sites below are known to have fast payouts and are the ones that are leading in terms of trust, so if you don’t want your money to be stolen, then we recommend to go with our list below.

If you are having problems with the trustworthiness of these sites, then you should use our list below, as we are only recommending the sites that have thousands of positive reviews and are known to pay out properly. Some of these sites also has a money-back guarantee, so if you happen to not like them, you can use that feature to get the money you bet back, if you bet under a specific amount.

1. DraftKings

One of the biggest authorities in this industry and one that appears on a lot of professional sports networks, this site is one that offers large payouts, pays out your winnings quickly, and gives a lot of bonuses to its members and new members as well. If you are looking for a good experience and this is your first time, considering DraftKings is a good choice because they offer great signup bonuses and can get you started in making your teams in a matter of minutes of signing up.

If you enjoy betting normally on teams with your friends, you can also do that with fantasy baseball with DraftKings, since you can make public or private lobbies for your friends to join. These can be incentivized or not at all, so that you can all choose how to have fun while creating teams of your favorite players! The minimum pay of the lowest pot on the site is also fairly small, so that you can start off small and win until you can join the big leagues and win bigger rewards.

DraftKings also offers many other sports to create teams on including NFL, NBA, PGA, and a lot more other famous sports, so if you ever feel like rooting for your favorite team that may not be baseball, then this site is a good choice. Not only does this site offer many different types of sports, but it also offers huge pots that few small sites can offer. If you are looking to score big and you want to take your knowledge that you have on your players to the next level, then you can do so with DraftKings.

Whether you are a new player or whether you are experienced, you’ll find DraftKings comfortable to use, since they offer a newbie-friendly system that will guide you in creating your first team and joining a pot in no time. If you are experienced, you’ll find yourself playing around with the different tools available to help you choose the best possible players based on the stats that the tool can give you. Even if you don’t have much to begin with, you can still have a lot to play around with, as with the signup bonus, your deposits will get matched until a certain amount is reached.

2. FanDuel

FanDuel is another DFS site that is a big leader in this industry. As they started a few years ago, before the hype with this type of betting started, they are the old dogs and know what to offer to give their users the best player experience possible. With huge pots and many features to enjoy, you’ll never be bored and the bonuses and small entry requirements will keep you playing. Whether you like the season games or whether you like the daily ones, you’ll be up to date with all the games, as FanDuel is known for having games of all types and modes.

If you aren’t that into the players, but trust the team, you can include players that are in the same team, since the team that wins also gets bonus points. Some games have thousands of winners, which means that even if you have players that didn’t score a lot in the games in terms of points, you’ll still have a possibility of winning something, since the bonus for winning can boost you up the leaderboards to get you the prize. If you are new to this type of gaming, no worries, as the simple salary cap game mode will get you betting in no time, as it is designed in a format that is easy to understand and setup!

Unlike some smaller sites, you can have access to the FanDuel Friends Mode which can be used to play DFS games with your baseball-fan friends! Just setup your tournament or game and the site will do the rest. Invite your friends to play with you and see who has the best knowledge and who makes the most scoring team! Since you can also edit the entry fee as well as the payout, you can have any sorts of people enter with real money, so that you can create a tournament within your community that can get people rewards for having a high scoring team! If you want to get something that bonds your community, FanDuel is a great option, as you can create a tournament and get everyone to enter, which will bring your community closer and get everyone talking.

We highly recommend this site if you are more into community-style games and big rewards, as with this site you’ll be entering into some games with rewards that go up to thousands of dollars! As the minimum buy-in price is also fairly low for a lot of the games, you can play today, even if you only have a few dollars to play with. If you are new to FanDuel, you can also take advantage of their bonus matching deal and keep getting more money as you play up to a certain amount! Bring some friends and try out FanDuel today as you won’t regret playing in one of the top fantasy baseball for money sites in the world.

3. FantasyDraft

FantasyDraft is third on the list, as it is a site that is a bit less well-known compared to the big authority sites, such as DraftKings & FanDuel. Although this site doesn’t have the large player base as the bigger sites do, it still has many different types of large pots that small sites usually can’t open due to the small number of players they have. If you are an experienced player with a lot of knowledge on the baseball players in a league, then joining FantasyDraft now would be a smart decision, as you will have less competition on this site than the bigger sites that you may play on.

A huge advantage that FantasyDraft has over other sites is its affiliate program. If you love and enjoy baseball, then you might have some friends that has their own set of friends that enjoy baseball as well. By referring them to this site, you can earn a % of their winnings to the sixth person that gets referred. If you find a friend that joins the site under you and they find someone who also finds someone, you will get a % of all their games regardless of who they signed up under if the tree eventually leads to you. If you have a lot of friends that you watch and enjoy baseball with, then this is a great opportunity to draft fantasy baseball teams without having to break your bank!

FantasyDraft has one of the best interface and websites out of the daily fantasy baseball sites available, so if you are into sites that are easy to access and play on, then this site is a good fit for you. However, if you are the type of player that only goes for the bigger pots for the chance to win big, then this site might not be the best option for you as they don’t have the type of pots like FanDuel and DraftKings due to the smaller number of players they have. However, this site is perfect for those that are starting out, but still want to earn a decent bit, as the lower competition means more chances to win!

Best Fantasy Baseball Sites

Ultimately, the best fantasy baseball site is FanDuel in our opinion because of the special beginner bonuses that you get when you first signup, as it will give you a lot more credits to bet with when you first signup! As you can also play with friends and gather a community play together with, we believe that you get a lot more options to choose from with FanDuel than other sites like DraftKings or FantasyDraft. However, if the other sites have a feature that you like, then feel free to play on them as well as all the sites that we recommended above are trustworthy and professional sites that are all fun to play on with large pots to join.

Fantasy Baseball Championships

Some sites offer championships which usually has a very large prize pot. These championships cost a certain amount to enter and spans across several days, but if you are in the top few that are selected to win a reward, then you will win a handsome reward. These tournaments are usually made when there is a big baseball event or tournament such as the playoffs, championship games, etc., that are centered around the best teams. These games aren’t available every day, so try to play them whenever they happen, so that you can get a piece of the action. This is also a good opportunity to join a fantasy baseball league for money as there is a lot of money that is left on the table if you don’t play, so we recommend that you join these if possible and don’t leave the money that is available hanging!


All the daily fantasy baseball sites listed above are perfect for anyone’s needs. We recommend that you look into the signup bonuses that each site offers, as based on your playstyle, you might be able to choose a site that offers a signup bonus that may be what you would prefer instead of a bonus from another site. Whatever the case, daily fantasy baseball is a huge trend in sports betting, so we recommend that you take advantage of it now and see which team you can draft to win big!