What is Fantasy Cricket?

Fantasy cricket is a type of sport that involves the player drafting a roster of eleven players with the player that drafted the team with the highest scoring players being the overall winner. As some positions earn a lot of more points than other positions, such as the Wicketkeeper having less opportunities to earn points than fielders, you’ll have to choose four Batsmen, four bowlers, two all-rounds, and one Wicketkeeper. There are a variety of ways the Cricket players can earn points, such as when a player scores, a wicket gets taken, the wicket is caught, or when a player gets stumped. The better the player you chose performs, the better chance that you’ll be able to score high and be one of the people to get a part of the pot.

A twist to this is that you can have players on your team from different teams, so instead of being limited to one team to pick players out of, you can do so from both teams that are facing each other. When drafting your team, you must also stay under a salary, so that you cannot draft a team that is full of MVP players, but a mix of players. The players that do better on average such as the captains have higher salaries and the ones that make mistakes regularly and don’t do as well on a constant basis will have lower salaries. This is the harder part about fantasy cricket, as you have to balance the salary to have both MVP and underdog players.

Is Fantasy Cricket Legal?

Although the legal status in other countries are uncertain and change on a regular basis, the legal status in the US is confirmed as legal in most of the states except a few. Most the states allow fantasy cricket as it requires knowledge and skill to draft teams which classify this as a sport. Under the government, fantasy cricket is legal, but as some state laws override these government laws, some states do ban fantasy sports such as: Washington, Nevada, and Texas with a few more that ban this sport. However, most states do allow fantasy sports, such as California, New Mexico, and Utah, with a lot more allowing this sport. As there isn’t a pattern of the states that ban it, we recommend that you check online before you start playing, as you may face a penalty if you play in a state that bans it.

Best Fantasy Cricket Sites

The best sites are the ones that offer large pots frequently, have fast support, low entry fees, and fast withdrawal times. However, these sites are hard to find as most of the fantasy cricket sites available are small and cannot offer these features as it requires a large player base to do so. Therefore, we recommend that you play on fantasy cricket sites that are well-known and big in the industry such as the sites below. Although there are many sites available that offer tempting signup bonuses, we have narrowed down the list to the ones below that we will be reviewing because of their features and trustworthiness. If you are planning to play fantasy cricket today, then do so from the sites that we have narrowed down for you, as other sites may be fake and dangerous to play on while the sites that we are recommending have been played by thousands and trusted by most of the cricket community.

1. Daily Fantasy Cricket

Not only is this site the “King of Fantasy Cricket,” but it is also the first site that was established for fantasy cricket. Due to this, the site has a big community that joins pots regularly, allowing the site to have decently big pots for you to win. Although this site doesn’t offer the pots that other sites may offer for other sports due to the popularity difference, you won’t see any bigger pots for fantasy cricket on any other site except this one. This site also excels in other areas such as customer support and low entry fees because of the size of this site. When you ask a question, or require support, you’ll get help within a few hours or under a few days and get your problem resolved. The entry fees are also a lot lower compared to other sites to allow any players to try out fantasy cricket without having to invest a lot of money into it initially.

DFC (Daily Fantasy Cricket) also gives quite a bit of free credit when you sign up for the first time, so make sure to take the deal when you sign up, so that you have a bit of credit to play around with before making your first deposit and joining a contest. You also won’t be tied to a season-commitment, so you can see your money come in and come out as soon as the next day. After you win, you’ll be able to see the cash converted into your digital wallet on your PayPal account or your bank within a few days and not a few weeks or months like some other sites offer, so that you can have it physically as soon as possible.

Not only can you earn through winning pots, but you can also gain quite a bit through inviting your friends. By inviting a friend that you enjoy watching Cricket with, you can get a bonus for your friend as well as get a bonus for yourself, so that you can have more to join contests with! Another advantage to using this site is that you will be given the opportunity to join a fantasy cricket league to win even bigger prizes. As these leagues are a bit longer and offer you the opportunity to win bigger prizes with a smaller entry fee, we highly recommend that you join them whenever possible, as you will be leaving a lot of money on the table if you ignore these leagues. We highly recommend that you join this site if you are interested in fantasy cricket, as you’ll be able to experience everything about the sport through this site along with other sign up bonuses.

2. Dream11

Dream11 is another one of the bigger sites in this industry, with its player base totaling to over millions of players. This site has a distinct difference from the site above, which makes it another alternative if you are looking for a fantasy cricket site that is fairly big to play on. This difference is that this site offers a better tutorial-like system for beginner’s, which makes it great for beginners who have never played fantasy cricket before. Although the system for both sites makes it easy for beginners to draft their first team in the first place, Dream11 offers tutorials that are a lot more in-depth which allows players to understand fantasy cricket a lot better than drafting a team without any knowledge at all.

This site also offers the features that make every fantasy sport site great, including fast withdrawal times, big pots that appear frequently, and fast support. Once you win a prize, you’ll be able to go to your account balance page and have it in your preferred bank whether it be through online payment or wired to your bank directly, so that you can have it physically to use for anything else as soon as possible. As problems do occur from time to time, Dream11 has a dedicated support team that will aid you with any problems that you may have that is affecting your experience, as this site does its best to give you the best experience possible. Another thing that is a big problem with smaller sites, is that they may offer big pots every now and then, but most of the time, you’ll only see big pots with a few players and the smaller pots being popular. However, with Dream11, you’ll see a lot of bigger pots with a lot of players in it which you are invited to join! We highly recommend Dream11 for your fantasy cricket needs, as it offers everything that you would need to enjoy a good game of fantasy cricket!


Fantasy Cricket is one of the best ways to experience Cricket to the fullest potential, as you’ll be able to take your experience of Cricket players to the next level! By joining contests and leagues, you’ll be going among other players like you that love Cricket, while also going against them to see who drafts the best fantasy team that will earn the most points to get most of the prize! We highly recommend that you join today, so that you can take advantage of the many signup bonuses available, and so that you can beat the crowd and win many pots before competition comes to defeat you!