Every hardcore sports fan loves a little fantasy football, and people new to sports might soon find themselves addicted to the complex strategy of the virtual sports world. Fantasy sports teams are created by choosing profiles of real players of a specific sport through a virtual “draft” and building a virtual team by combining the players onto a fantasy team, which then plays against other fantasy teams. The results of fantasy football games are based on the actual performance of the individual players in the real-life sport. This means that choosing the best fantasy team requires extensive knowledge of the specific strengths and weaknesses of each live player on the actual field.

The strong connection between fantasy sports and the real thing means that the online playing field is ever-changing, and the fantasy team managers with the best sports knowledge will always come out on top when it comes to the extreme competition of some fantasy sports. Daily and weekly fantasy leagues are the perfect place for sports fans to put their knowledge of individual players and different sports to the test, building a virtual team and competing with other fans to claim cash prizes. The fantasy sports world never grows dull, and is constantly changing thanks to new rising stars on the actual field, player injuries, management decisions and a multitude of other factors that make sure there is never a dull moment in the world of fantasy sports.

The online fantasy sports industry has expanded to encompass an immense amount of real-life professional players and sports. According to the Fantasy Sports Trade Association, approximately 41 million people play fantasy sports each year, making it an extremely popular game, particularly among American gridiron football fans. The fantasy football world includes not only free to play leagues that are great for sports strategists, but also a variety of real-money fantasy football contests featuring often high-stakes games of fantasy football for cash. The immense variety in types of fantasy sports games means that anybody who wants to get into the sport can find the specific style of fantasy game suits them most. Users often climb the ladder of fantasy football strategy from fresh amateurs to experienced money-winning fantasy football professionals.

The variety and depth of the fantasy sports world means that there are a lot of companies and services dedicated to hosting fantasy sports teams and competitions. Websites like Yahoo, ESPN and others have built a massive industry through fantasy football over time as it has grown to include a massive online community. Obviously, out of the multitude of fantasy sports clients on the web, some are better than others. Some sites might have more users but lack sports variety, and others might provide variety but at the cost of poor reliability and a user interface that makes it hard to enjoy the game. So, to help you choose the best fantasy sports host for you, we’ve compiled a list of our top three picks for the best fantasy football sites of 2017. Whether you want to enjoy a few fantasy football contests with your friends, or you’re looking to play fantasy football for money, you will find the top three clients listed here.

Fantasy Football Site Reviews

1. DraftKings

Our favorite pick for the best online fantasy football site is, of course, DraftKings. The site doesn’t feature college football, but is a top name in the fantasy sports industry when it comes to NFL football. This Boston based daily fantasy football company was founded in 2012, and has since become an industry leader in the world of fantasy sports. DraftKings is a fantastic platform for daily and weekly fantasy sport games. If you feel like playing some zero risk fantasy football, DraftKings has free contests that require no betting. The website also features extensive cash betting rounds on both daily and weekly levels, giving players the opportunity to win big by utilizing their sports knowledge in online fantasy sports. DraftKings fantasy football can be played anywhere, on computer, mobile phone, or tablet, using either the clean, easy-to-use web interface or the reliable DraftKings mobile app.

DraftKings features a well-designed and certainly well-tested interface and software, making it a reliable and easy to use host for fantasy sports. Unlike Yahoo or ESPN, DraftKings is dedicated to fantasy football, devoting all of their resources to making sure the service provided by their website and app is top-notch. DraftKings also has an immense user base, having reported as many as 4.5 million users. The company values a large user base, so they dedicate massive amounts of money to advertising and acquiring new customers, providing lots of bonus incentives for joining up and sharing the game with your friends. You can create a free DraftKings account and invite friends to play as well, making it easy to build your own pro sports team and play against your buddies in friendly competition.

Even if you aren’t always in the mood for NFL fantasy football, DraftKings is home to more fantasy sports than just American gridiron football. The expansive service features a plethora of fantasy leagues for a total of ten different pro sports, ranging from football to NASCAR to professional golf, among others. This extensive selection of both free and cash centered fantasy sports contests means that whatever your favorite sport is, DraftKings has you covered with daily and weekly contests, both free and paid entry. DraftKings lets YOU choose when you want to play and what you want to play-You’re never forced into anything.

DraftKings is awesome with friends. You can create competition groups with as many friends as you want. After creating your group, you can add more friends at any time, meaning there is always fresh spirit in the competition. Compete with your friends either for cash or for free on DraftKings, playing as many games for as long as you like. We all know the usual fun, lighthearted game-day trash talk between the fans of different teams, and fantasy sports give you the chance to double the fun by actually competing with your friends. DraftKings knows the value of friendly competition, and devotes extensive effort to giving you a great virtual environment to compete with your friends on any level, in any one of the ten sports hosted by DraftKings.

Thanks to their incredible selection of sports, easy and reliable interface, and large user base, DraftKings provides the best daily fantasy football leagues available online. Whether you’re a casual daily player or a committed fan of high-stakes fantasy football strategy, DraftKings is sure to offer more than enough fantasy sports to satisfy even the most hard-core players.

2. FanDuel

As a popular alternative and extreme competitor to DraftKings, FanDuel is our next choice for the best daily fantasy sports site. FanDuel is a New York based online fantasy sports company that was founded in 2009. The site also features a sublime mobile app to keep you playing on the go, and the easy interface of both the web and mobile clients means that you can be signed up and creating a pro team within minutes. FanDuel hosts daily and weekly contests, featuring both free contests and cash prizes. Entry for FanDuel is simple, make a deposit to the site and you get five free contest entries. Beyond that, you get a free entry per week that gives you access to thousands of FanDuel contests.

FanDuel lacks the variety that you can find with DraftKings, featuring a far smaller sports library compared to DraftKings. FanDuel concentrates all their efforts on four professional sports-NFL football, pro basketball, pro hockey, and pro baseball. These four sports are equal to less than half of the fantasy sports library offered by DraftKings, meaning that if you want to play a more exotic fantasy sport like NASCAR or pro golf fantasy, you’ll need to move along elsewhere. For the four sports that it does host, however, FanDuel is a great option for fantasy leagues. To win a contest, all that you need to do is come in above average for points, making it an enticing opportunity for players looking to play fantasy football for money.

Games are more fun when played with friends. After all, who doesn’t love playing cards with their buddies on a friday night? FanDuel features excellent “Friends” features, making it easy to build a team and compete with a group of friends, holding contests every week and keeping track of your standings for the whole season. All it takes is to invite your friends and create one contest. After that, the rest of the contests are created automatically. You and your friends can play for cash prizes every week, even taking some weeks off if you feel like a break from the strategic thinking and competition of FanDuel fantasy sports.

FanDuel features a variety of thrilling contests that will satisfy the competitive urges of even the most dedicated fantasy sports players. Beginners contests with 50/50 win/lose ratios are a great place for players new to fantasy sports to pick up the mantle of managing a virtual team based on real life player performance. Special contests, like the NFL Sunday Rush chapter of FanDuel, are thrilling and fast paced, featuring enough prizes to make your game day a memorable one. And, of course, there’s the FanDuel Sunday Million, the largest contest featured on FanDuel with $1.75 million in prizes every week. With prizes like $175,000 for first place, it’s no wonder fantasy sports leagues for money have racked up such a huge fanbase.

The booming fantasy world of FanDuel pits fans against fans, and requires strategic sports knowledge and fantasy sports skills to come out of the contest as the top dog in your fantasy league. If you’re looking for an exciting, edge-of-your-seat fantasy sports competition to test your virtual team building ability, FanDuel is definitely an excellent option with a large user base and massive prizes that make it rare for an experience sports fan to walk away empty-handed. So give it a shot, sign up for a FanDuel account and battle the rest of the sports world either as a casual competitor or a hardcore king-of-the-hill fantasy team manager.

3. FantasyDraft

Coming in as our third place pick for the best service to choose as a host for your fantasy sports teams is fantasydraft.com. This is a web-only service, lacking a mobile app, which, admittedly, makes it a bit difficult to use on the go. Fantasydraft.com is great for simple, easy use, however. Low contest entry fees for the paid contest sections of the site mean that these fantasy contests are low risk, and often very relaxed. They also cap the amount of entries per contest, helping to keep the playing field level and ensuring fair contests. The fantasydraft.com owners pride themselves on their website’s celebrity users, including big name players and coaches both active and retired, all of whom can be played against by any other user.

Fantasydraft.com features fantasy teams, players and contests from five of the most prominent professional sports. With fantasydraft.com, you can build a fantasy team every day for NFL football, MLB baseball, PGA golf, NBA basketball and NHL hockey. Choose the top players of your favorite sport and build a winning team capable of taking on any competition. Fans of any one of these sports will definetly enjoy fantasydraft.com.

With fantasydraft.com, it’s easy to choose new teams every day after you sign up for a free, no strings attached account. The website is also free of any constraining season-long commitments, making it great for daily and weekly competitions, both for cash and casual fun. The interface is clean and useful, and free of excess clutter. Fantasydraft.com offers a much more laid back and relaxing fantasy experience as opposed to more competitive clients like DraftKings or FanDuel. Fantasydraft.com still offers cash prizes, however, meaning you can still make some money off of your team. What’s better than making money by having fun? If you refer friends to fantasy draft.com, you get a commission off of their contest entry fees, meaning that the more people you invite, the more money you make.

If you’re willing to play strictly on your computer or mobile phone web browser, fantasydraft.com isn’t terribly difficult to use away from home, although perhaps not as preferential for on-the-go use as DraftKings. The easy usability and simple, relaxed playing field that fantasydraft.com offers make it a great way to kill time without spending exorbitant amounts of money. The winnings are good and the entries are cheap for paid contests, and earning commissions from referrals are an added incentive to get your friends to pick up the game as well. Fantasydraft.com is definitely a solid choice for a fantasy league host, and you should check it out if you’re looking to pick up the virtual mantle of fantasy sports.


This concludes our list of our three favorite fantasy football contest hosting sites. Obviously, there are a ton of choices out there for places to go for some fantasy sports fun, and we hope this list has helped you choose your own favorite. If you’re a top of the shelf sports fan with intimate knowledge of the game, we’re confident you’ll find yourself going far in the virtual world of fantasy sports. If you’re new to sports and a casual fantasy player, we’re just as confident that you’ll find yourself having fun at no cost to you. Whatever your sport of choice or play style, there is always something out there to accommodate you, ensuring that you will never be far away from a fun and unforgettable fantasy league experience.

Fantasy sports are incredibly popular in the modern world, and sites like these three makes it easy to connect with friends and compete for real prizes weekly, sometimes daily, with your own personal team of your favorite players. The beauty of online fantasy competitions is that you can become connected to your favorite teams and sports like never before. Fantasy football brings you close to the action, and gives you that surge of excitement you can’t find anywhere else except for when your team claims another victory. Choose the site that’s right for you, and get started today on what just might be your new hobby. And above all, have fun!