What is Fantasy Golf?

Fantasy golf is a type of betting that is a bit different than standard betting for golf. Normally, you would choose a player and place money on them. If that person wins the tournament or game that you placed money on, then you would get a share of the money from the players that placed a bet on the players that lost. If your player is doing bad even if they did great before, you might lose your bet, but if another player did well even though they did bad before, then the underdog wins the bet.

If you hate the kinds of scenarios where players outperform or underperform on different days and players aren’t consistent, then it seems like daily fantasy golf is for you. This type of betting works a bit more differently than the standard way, as you can choose multiple players to bet on instead of just one. After you have chosen a fantasy golf betting site that you like, you will be shown a selection of games to join. Instead of having to stick with the same player the entire cup, you can play in different games of that one cup, so that you can bet when you think the players will be consistent and avoid the days where the players aren’t, such as when it rains.

After you have chosen a pot to join and paid the entry fee, you can now choose your players to draft into your team. You will be given a set salary that will be the same across all the other players that you will be competing against. Instead of choosing one player, you’ll be able to compile your team full of players of different skill set, so that you won’t have to rely on one player to win the bet for you. As you have a set salary cap, you must choose between golf stars and amateurs, as you won’t be able to fit all the high salary players on one team. Once the game that you have joined begins, you can track your player’s performance and the fantasy team that has the players that scored the most amount of points in their game takes most the pot. Some sites offer smaller prizes to the top percentile, but this depends per fantasy golf site.

Best Fantasy Golf Betting Sites

Below, we will be recommending several sites that we have narrowed down to from the countless number of fantasy golf sites that were available, as there are a lot of sites that don’t give out a lot of money, keep a lot of the money for themselves, or doesn’t provide an experience that is suitable for most fantasy golf players. All the sites that we recommend below will also have other sports that you can play as well as fantasy pga, so that you can try out other sports as well if you are interested. We recommend that you play on the sites that are established rather than the sites that are just starting out, even if they offer overwhelming bonuses, as that may be a trap that may drain a hole in your wallet. Even if the established sites may not have the same bonuses as the newer sites, they are more trustworthy to use and will send out payments in time rather than you having to wait several weeks or even months to get your money. Scamming in the fantasy sports industry is common, as bonuses can feed people in easily, so if something sounds too good to be true, don’t signup or play on that site unless you can play for free. The sites that we are recommending below are all trustworthy sites that are known to payout on time, so if you want to only bet on the recommended sites, then use the sites below.

Some people may be wondering if fantasy golf is illegal since it is a type of betting that is like horse race gambling, so we will try to clear up this for you. Since fantasy golf is a type of sport that requires knowledge and skill to draft the right teams to win, it is considered 100% legal per the laws that exist in terms of betting today. However, there are some statewide rules that still ban fantasy sports, so we recommend that you check if the state that you live in allows fantasy sports.

1. DraftKings

DraftKings is one of the biggest sites that is known nationally when it comes to fantasy sports. As they have commercials and connections with a lot of tournaments in a variety of sports, you may have heard or seen them if you follow sports frequently. As they are huge, they can offer huge pots as well, which is great, since you will be able to win bigger rewards with DraftKings compared to smaller sites.

Because of the popularity of DraftKings, you can sometimes even see fantasy golf league games that can go up to a million dollars, which is great for even those that are new to fantasy golf as you can win a reward, even if it is small, because of the size of the pot. We highly recommend DraftKings if you are looking for a site that is big enough to allow low entry prices and offer large pots frequently. If you hate commitments that normal pga betting requires, then DraftKings will offer a unique experience that will keep you playing.

2. FantasyAces

FantasyAces is a bit different from other sites because of the unique game modes they offer. Although not as big as DraftKings or FanDuel, FantasyAces is still a site that you should consider if you are looking for fantasy golf betting, as you can play different kinds of game modes that offer a different experience to fantasy golf. Instead of choosing different players for your team, you can play other game modes that will let you win in other ways.

Although smaller, you will still be able to see large pots that you can enter with a fairly low entry price. If you are experienced, you can take advantage of its smaller member size and make one of the best teams and earn one of the better rewards a lot easier than with bigger sites due to the lack of competition. We recommend FantasyAces to those who are looking for a different experience, but still want a site that can offer decent pots and low entry prices, as this site can offer just that for you.

3. FanDuel

FanDuel is the direct competitor to DraftKings as one of the most famous fantasy golf sites in the US. As they have been in the fantasy game for a longer time than most the sites, they know the type of features to offer to provide the players the best experience possible. Because of this, you’ll see a lot of contests that are worth joining with one of the biggest prize pools appearing now and then.

Alongside the features that already come with other sites, FanDuel offers several tools that will assist you when drafting your fantasy team. Using the tools, you can grab the opportunity to get the upper hand to your opponents, so that you can be one of the ones that create the team with the best performing players on that day to win a part of the pot. FanDuel is another site that we highly recommend that you use if you want to test your knowledge on the golf players that compete, as you can earn quite a bit if you know which players to pick and which ones to avoid.


Fantasy golf is a great way to use your knowledge on professional players to earn a bit of cash on the side. As you gain more experience and start to get on a streak of matching the best players possible, then you will be able to enter the bigger pots and win bigger prizes! Whether you are a beginner or whether you are an intermediate player, you’ll find a site that suits you as there are many different sites available. If you know that you want to enter the smaller pots with low entry fees until you can build up enough experience and money to enter the bigger pots, then we recommend that you try out the sites that offer low entry fee prices. If you are looking to join the sites that offer huge pots and have different game modes, then you should join those as that might be a feature that resides in that site only! There are a lot of opportunities waiting for you in fantasy golf, so go choose a site that you enjoy and start winning!