What is Fantasy Hockey?

Do you follow hockey regularly and place bets often on the teams that you know will win? Sometimes, do you have players that do so terribly that they let down the team and eventually not get the last goal to win you the bet? If this has happened to you more than once, then fantasy hockey is for you, as you won’t have to rely on the players that don’t perform well and are a weight to the team.

Fantasy hockey is a type of betting where you draft your own team instead of having to stick to a single team that consists of good and bad players. If there is a hockey game that involved two teams that you adore and consists of several players that you know will do well, then that’s when fantasy hockey comes in handy. You are given a set salary cap which you can use to draft your own dream team. Based on the performance they show within their game; your team will be given a score and compared with others. If your points are high enough to be in the top percentile that will be given a part of the prize pot, then you win!

This type of betting is a lot more safe and popular compared to normal betting, as you can choose your own players to draft into your team rather than having to rely on your favorite players to carry the weight of the players that you wouldn’t want in your own hockey team. This also increases the odds of you winning a bet, as it won’t be a 50/50 odd anymore, but more in your favor, since you can choose the best performing players to place inside your team and ignore the ones that do bad in almost every game.

Best Fantasy Hockey Sites

Below, we will be recommending several sites that we think are the best out of all the fantasy sports sites available. As the competition in the fantasy sports market is huge, there are a lot of sports that are legit, but offer low prize pots with the fake sites that offer huge pots, but don’t pay out at all. Some sites also take forever to give you the money you won with some sites not answering their support tickets at all. That’s why we did the work for you and narrowed the list down to three of the best fantasy hockey sites that you can use that offer fast support response times, quick withdraw features, and a lot more that other sites can dream to offer.

The sites that we recommended below are also sites that offer betting in other leagues as well such as baseball and football, so if you ever get bored of the fantasy hockey league or you want to try something a bit different, then you are free to have that option! We recommend that you choose a site that offers this freedom, as you don’t want to be stuck with a lot of prize money with a limited amount of competitions to play while you are bored of betting on hockey teams.

When choosing the best fantasy hockey site for you, you have to consider a few factors, so that you can use the right one for you and not for the general population. As a variety of sites offer different features, choose the ones that offer the features that you like and will use, so that you can have the best experience possible.

1. DraftKings

As one of the biggest sites in the fantasy sports industry, you will have access to a lot of different perks that you wouldn’t see in smaller sites, due to the member size that this site has. This site is always looking for more members, so if you take advantage of a bonus, you’ll be able to use the rewards that this site offers a lot more efficiently, as DraftKings offers larger pots than most the smaller sites because of the number of players that enter each one. Since DraftKings is big, it is also able to invest a lot better in the support that this site offers, so if you are one that loves fast support, then this site can offer that for you, since their support staff are ready to answer all your questions in the fastest and quality manner possible.

Alongside its amazing features, DraftKings also has low entry fees which means that even if you aren’t a big player, you can play games and slowly build a reputation for yourself by winning a lot of the games and building up your bank. Once you are ready, you can try out the bigger pots and have an opportunity to win an enormous pot! We recommend this site for those that like bigger sites that offer rewards like DraftKing does, as it isn’t often seen in smaller sites that other people may recommend, such as support and withdraw speeds. If you love hockey and know which players are good and which players aren’t, then you’ll love DraftKings just like we did.

2. FanDuel

FanDuel is another one of the bigger sites in the industry, allowing this site to offer the special rewards that were listed above. These perks include fast withdraw times, bigger pots, and fast support, all of which are essential to the best fantasy sport experience. As FanDuel also offers other leagues alongside fantasy hockey, you’ll be able to hop from sport to sport, using your general knowledge as well as your expert analysis to build a team that will win huge pots for you!

This site is bit more different than most other sites, as FanDuel promotes games with friends a lot more. By creating a friendly duel game, you can receive an invite link or code which you can use to invite your friends to bet alongside you and see who can draft the team that earns the most points! You can choose between different entry fees and pot size, so that you can adjust to the community you are creating the game for. When using FanDuel, seeing big prizes with fantasy hockey league games, so make sure to join them when you see them, as you’ll be missing a great opportunity if you let it slip by.

3. FantasyDraft

FantasyDraft is a site that is a bit less well-known compared to the two sites above, FanDuel & DraftKings. However, it still offers quite bit of perks compared to similar smaller sites, such as bigger prize pots and faster withdraw speeds. Although its support isn’t something to brag about, it is still quite fast and you’ll get a response within a few days and even in under a day. The best part about FantasyDraft, is that you get access to one of the best interfaces that is available in terms of fantasy sports. This site has one of the easiest interfaces out of all the sites because of the simple design, which makes it a good choice for beginners that just started fantasy sports.

As FantasyDraft also has an affiliate system that you can join to get a percentage of your friend’s entries, you can use that to try out the bigger pots and potentially win huge if you had a bit of experience and you know a lot of information about the players. An advantage of using a small site such as FantasyDraft, is that you will have less competition than sites like FanDuel, making it a lot easier for you to get into the top 25 percent which will get a prize guaranteed. This is one feature that is best about this site, since not all sites offer a guaranteed prize to the top 25 percent of players. If you are just starting out and seeing if fantasy hockey is for you, then FantasyDraft is a good start, and even if you are experienced, using FantasyDraft can get rid of a lot of competition and make fantasy sports a bit easier for you. Try it out and see if you like it or not, as there are some rewards that FantasyDraft can’t quite offer unlike the bigger sites.


Real money fantasy hockey is a huge industry that is trending, so it will only get bigger. As the sites get bigger and bigger, the bonuses will constantly keep going down, so try out these sites today and take advantage of the great signup bonuses these sites offer. Since there are a lot of hockey games and players to play with, hockey is one of the many sports that you can play fantasy sports with, so even if you aren’t too big into fantasy hockey, you have the option to switch over to another sport without any loss. Try out fantasy sports today and don’t miss the opportunity to win big!