What is Fantasy Horse Racing?

Do you love watching horses race with your friends and seeing who picks the one that will win? Do you like the fast-paced sport and wish that you could be part of something a lot greater than just watching it? If this sounds like you, then fantasy horse racing is something that you should consider, as it combines all the exciting parts about watching horse racing while also getting you a bit of cash on the side as well! With fantasy horse racing, you are competing against other players to draft a team of horses to see who stacks up the highest on the leaderboard.

To participate in a fantasy horse racing competition, you choose two horses, one as your primary and one as your alternative, and compete against other players to see who has the highest bankroll in the end. As the horses you picked goes throughout the race, it will pick up points and when the races end, the best drafted fantasy team gets the prize, with smaller pots giving the reward to the highest scoring team and bigger pots giving the reward to several people on the top. The real skill that is involved in fantasy horse racing is choosing the right horses that is the right price, since if you choose a horse that is expensive, but does worse than a horse that is a lot cheaper, the one who chose the cheaper one will have a lot more bankroll in the end. There are many legal questions regarding fantasy horse racing, but it is perfectly legal in most states in the US because of the skill required to draft the teams. So, make sure to check online to see if your state allows the playing of fantasy horse racing before you join a site and start playing.

Best Fantasy Horse Racing Sites

As choosing the right site is difficult, we have done the work for you and narrowed down the list to two sites that we highly recommend that you use. These sites are trustworthy and have been in the horse racing industry for a long time, meaning that you can use them without worrying about your money being stuck in their system. They also have fast withdraw times as well as fast support, so if you have any problems, you will their amazing staff team to back you up.

1. BetAmerica

BetAmerica is one of the biggest sites in the fantasy horse racing world industry, which is one of the reasons why we highly recommend this site. Alongside the trust and authority this site has, you will also get access to the many features that are available, such as the live racing video feed, large pools, and many tracks to play on. As BetAmerica was first started in 2008, the site has a lot of experience and offers features that users love, such as fast withdrawal times and fast support.

The live racing video feed is one of the best parts about this site, as you can see the races straight from the site for no extra charge. As no other site offers this, we recommend that you sign up to this site if you would rather watch the races straight from the site rather than from your TV. Since some tracks charge you if you want to watch the races live, using BetAmerica can save you quite a bit of money if you are already paying to watch and you will also be able to watch the games that you bet on live and cheer on the horses that you have put into your team. BetAmerica also pools with local tracks, making the pots a lot bigger than most of the sites available, meaning that you can enter huge pots without having to pay a large entry fee. We recommend that you play on this site, as it is one of the biggest sites that you can find with the best features compared to any other site, so take advantage of the signup bonuses and win big!

2. DerbyWars

DerbyWars is a site where most of the games consist of big entry fees, but with insane pots. Most of these games are capped to a small number of players, so that the competition is fierce and you really must do your best to beat the few competitors there are. The great thing about DerbyWars is that you can win big in a small amount of time, as the winner takes all instead of sharing the pot with other players who also got around the highest amount of points from the horse they chose.

However, DerbyWars doesn’t have as much of a site design as BetAmerica, which may ruin the experience for those who like to play on polished websites. This site is still incredible and recommended to use if you like playing for big wins and don’t care about winning a small amount, as there aren’t that many pots on DerbyWars that have small pots, but rather all of them having big ones.


Although there aren’t many sites that offer fantasy horse racing due to the smaller population of people that like this sport, the sites that we recommended above are great enough to use for your needs. Yes, their designs may not look as trustworthy as the fantasy sport giants such as FanDuel and DraftKings, but from our experience and others, they pay out on time and have support to help you in case you need help. Fantasy horse racing is one of the most exciting experiences that you can try, so we recommend that you take advantage of the signup offers today and test your knowledge to see if you can choose the horse that will beat everyone else!