What is MMA Fantasy Sports?

MMA fantasy sports is a different type of sport that you may imagine. It involves the player drafting a team under a specific set salary and being one of the highest scorers to win a part of the prize. The interesting part of fantasy sports is that each player has a different salary based on the outcomes of past matches, so instead of having all the better players on your fantasy team, you’ll have to substitute some of the expensive players with cheaper players to fit inside your salary. This part is the hardest, as some underdogs may do better than they did before, making their low salaries worth a lot more than it was set. This is why you have to do your research on each player before drafting your team, as if you don’t, you might include some high salary players that may not have played for awhile and you may have some cheap players that may have no chance of doing good or scoring any points at all.

The point system of MMA fantasy sports is pretty simple, but the majority of the points are won from winnings the rounds. As you get a significant bonus to the amount of points you get for your players if they win earlier rounds, you should pick fighters who you know will win the first few rounds, even if they end of losing later on, as the differences between the earlier and later rounds are huge. Some other ways to score points include strikes, takedowns, and knockdowns, but as said above, the majority of the points are scored from winning rounds.

Is MMA Fantasy Sports Legal?

Many people believe that playing fantasy sports is illegal, but the fact is, it’s legal. There are several factors that contribute to the legal status of fantasy sports, but the main reason is because of the skill and knowledge that is required to draft fantasy teams. As you can see in the introductory paragraph, drafting a MMA fantasy team isn’t an easy task and requires skill to do so. This makes fantasy sports an actual sport, which makes it legal in the US. However, some states have their own laws that ban fantasy sports, so if you are caught playing in a state that is banned, you will face a penalty. This is why we recommend everyone who are thinking of playing to check online to see if the state you are living in allows this game, as some states have strict laws on the status of this sport.

However, most states allow fantasy sports, such as California, Oregon, and Utah with a lot more that allow it, but some states that don’t allow fantasy sports include, Washington, Nevada, and Arizona, due to their states requiring gambling licenses and some not allowing any forms of team betting at all. Although fantasy sports isn’t betting, some states still believe this is the case, which is why they are still red on this matter.

What are MMA Fantasy Leagues?

These leagues are basically a type of game within the sites that you play on that offer various rewards for the stats of a player over a period of time. If you happen to join a fantasy league on a site, then the points that you rack up for the duration of the league you are in will be calculated at the end and the pot will go the players who scored the highest. The great part about joining these leagues, is that you will be able to get access to huge pots, some even reaching millions of dollars and exclusive specials, with low entry fees. This is because leagues usually attract a lot more players which means that a lot more people will enter, and for sites that are big such as DraftKings, the pot can go up a lot while offering small entry fees for people who don’t have quite as much cash to enter. This is a great opportunity to those looking for a great way to earn front-line tickets and prize money for a small fee with some skill and a tad of luck involved and is an opportunity you shouldn’t leave on the table.

Best MMA Fantasy Site

There are a variety of sites that you can play on, with some made specifically for MMA fantasy sports  and some that covers a variety of leagues that you can play on. The sport-specific sites usually contains smaller pots and smaller community, so we recommend that you play on bigger sites if possible, as the smaller sites will have a lot more experts that are experienced in the industry and have smaller pots than the bigger sites. Also, fraud is common with smaller fantasy sites that offer tempting signup bonuses to attract people, so we recommend just going with the bigger and authority sites in the industry to do your MMA fantasy drafting.

1. DraftKings

DraftKings is the absolute king when it comes to MMA fantasy sports, as they offer so many features that many competitors cannot offer. The main features include the speed of their support, withdrawal speeds, and the best feature out of all of them, pot sizes. DraftKings is one of the biggest if not biggest, which means that they have a huge player base. This allows to create contests that offer huge pots, since they know that they will get enough entries to offer that much. So if you are looking into fantasy sports to win big, then DraftKings is definitely the site to use.

This site also offers fast support, which means that your time-sensitive questions will be answered in just a few hours and up to a day or two. If you have any questions regarding your recent bet or if there is an error with the site, simply submit a ticket or give them a call and they will get you squared away as soon as possible. One of the advantages of being a huge site, is that you can offer fast withdrawal times that other sites can’t offer. This is because their system is automated for the most part, while other sites require admins to manually inspect your withdrawal request before they send the money to you. This fast speed allows you to collect your winnings and have it in cash a lot faster, which is better, since you’ll be able to have it physically rather than in a site that you may not trust, such as smaller sites.

Not only does DraftKings offer MMA fantasy leagues, but also other sports as well, such as golf, soccer, football, and a lot more including eSports. If you ever want to try drafting a team in a different sport that you have a bit of knowledge in, then you can do so with the funds in your account, as it is universal throughout the entire site, another advantage in using a bigger site like DraftKings instead of a sport-specific one which you will have to withdraw the money and deposit again into another sport-specific site that you may want to try out.

We highly recommend DraftKings if you are interested in fantasy sports, as this site offers many features that many beginners will love, alongside features that event experts will love as well. The competition won’t be easy due to the number of people playing on this site, but with the bonuses and free entries that DraftKings often give out, you’ll start to pick up experience and start winning huge pots in no time. We also recommend that you don’t miss out on leagues, as it is a great opportunity to win many prizes and huge rewards for a small entry fee, especially if you haven’t saved a lot yet for the bigger pots. Try out DraftKings and see why everyone is recommending it as their favorite!


Everyone loves fantasy sports due to the simplicity of drafting a team, but the difficulty of mastering the sport. In the beginning, you may be a bit lost in the process of drafting the perfect team to get you to the spot where you will start to win with profit, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be playing alongside the big dogs, including retired professional players and coaches who have been in the industry for the longest. Huge pots are waiting for you, so if you are ready to try out the bigger pots with the money you saved up from the smaller and free pots, then we highly recommend that you join a bigger pot, as you will gain a lot more experience and see how exciting the competition is at the higher levels! If you have never tried out fantasy sports, try it now, as the sign up bonuses will only go down as more and more people join!