What is Fantasy Soccer?

Fantasy soccer is a type of betting that you might’ve come across if you follow sports on a regular basis. As there are a lot of soccer fantasy site ads that go live every soccer game that goes on TV, you may have come across it and you might wonder how this type of betting works. If you have ever bet before, fantasy sports is just another type of betting, but requires a bit more knowledge and guesswork than normal team betting. This is because normally, the odds are 50/50 when betting on teams regardless of skill level and underdogs as either a team wins or loses. However, with fantasy sports, the odds are almost impossible to determine and a lot more time and effort will be needed to win, but with the winnings being a lot more scaled to what you bet.

With fantasy soccer contests, the rules are a bit more different. You are given a salary cap which you have to stay while drafting your team. Sounds easy right? It’s a lot harder than you think. Just choose the best performing players for your team and win all the points right? As popular players are a lot more expensive than the players that underperform in most of their games, you won’t be able to fit all the good players on your team due to not having enough salary to fit them all. To account for the high salary players, you may choose to have on your team, you’ll have to choose several of the cheaper players to accommodate your expensive player’s salaries.

With some soccer fantasy sites, there will be different salary caps and different game modes, so there isn’t a set salary cap to fantasy soccer teams. However, the scaling of the player’s salary will be similar. When choosing your players for your team, you have a variety of options which are most likely the same for most of the sites. You can have a team that has several high salary players with the rest of your team being low salary players that underperform, or have a team that has average players that doesn’t do bad or that good in their games to fit your salary cap. As you can see, fantasy sports isn’t a simple bet, but rather a combined bet that includes many different bets at once.

Is Fantasy Soccer Legal?

There are many conspiracies regarding the legal matters of fantasy soccer, but the bottom line is, it’s legal. There are many factors as to why this type of betting is legal while other types may not be legal, such as this sport requiring immense knowledge and skill to draft teams. Another factor is that this type of betting isn’t known as betting, but rather a sport itself, since the players within the sites are all players competing for the pot by studying and researching the players to see which ones will outperform the rest. However, some states still ban these daily fantasy soccer games, so we recommend that you check online to see if your state bans this type of sport. Some states that allow fantasy sports include California, Wisconsin, etc., and some states that ban fantasy sports include Washington, Alabama, etc., so again, check online to see if your state allows fantasy sports or not, as each state has their own views on this sport.

Best Soccer Fantasy Sites

The best fantasy soccer sites are the ones that have fast support, efficient website design, large pots, and a fun community. If a site doesn’t have at least an ounce of these features, then the site won’t be worth playing on, as you won’t be able to experience the true fantasy site experience. The soccer fantasy sites that we will be recommending below has been narrowed down from all the smaller sites, as the bigger ones tend to be more trustworthy and have pots that are worth entering.

When you are trying out sites to see which one you like, you must use common sense to see if the site is safe to play on. As there are a lot of people that fall for high paying bonuses upon signup and more bonuses if you continue playing, there are a lot of fake sites that never pay out and will just take your money. That’s why we recommend sites that are big in the industry, as they invested a lot of money to get into that position and won’t risk it to take your deposits. The sites below that we recommended are highly reputable and have appeared on media frequently, meaning that they can be trusted, so go ahead, and try out a site below and see which one you like!

1. FanDuel

The best fantasy soccer online moments are found on FanDuel because of the wide range of amazing features that this site provides. From large pots to friendly tournaments, you’ll be able to experience the fantasy sports experience fully without missing anything by using FanDuel. As this site offers low entry fees to daily fantasy soccer games, you’ll be able to draft soccer teams at a low price with the possibility of winning and getting a big reward! FanDuel offers fast withdrawal times, so that you can withdraw all the winnings you get from the pots and see it all in cash!

One of the features that we think is one of the best out of all the sites is the way you can host a tournament with your friends to see who is the best. Not only is there a free option, but you can also have paid tournaments, so that your friends or community can pay to enter the pot and the winner can take a part of the entry fees! So not only can you see who is the best, but you can also play for the sake of winning the pot as well and boasting about who won. We highly recommend FanDuel if you love soccer and would love to take your enthusiasm of the sport to the next level by drafting players into your own personal team and being able to compete with others for large pots as well as with your friends!

2. DraftKings

When it comes to fantasy sports, DraftKings holds a big presence due to the amount of advertisements shown about this site on close to every sport. There are is a disadvantage to this and an advantage, with the disadvantage being that the fees will be higher and support tickets may take a while to get answered due to the amount of people submitting these tickets. However, the advantage is that you’ll be playing with a bigger community of people which means that you’ll see a lot of bigger pots with a low entry price. This will give you the chance to win, even if you only put in a small amount to join the contest. Alongside this bigger pot however comes more competition, so be prepared to take on a larger amount of people with the same goal as you, to draft the most earning team.

Often, DraftKings will have a fantasy soccer tournament open that you can enter for a small fee, but will give you an opportunity to win huge. By huge, we mean millions, so make sure to take the opportunity when you can, as these will go and come quickly. These fantasy soccer tournaments will usually occur whenever there is a huge soccer tournament such as the world cup. We recommend DraftKings if you are into bigger cups with smaller entry fee prices, as DraftKings is one of the few sites that can do that due to the number of active users it has.


There are many soccer fantasy sites available, but most of them are of bad quality, have slow support, slow withdrawal times, and may not even be legitimate. Instead of guessing which ones is real and which one is not, we recommend that you try out the sites above that are a lot more known and trusted by millions of people. Make sure to check the features of the site before you go with it for the long term, as leaving a site midway through won’t give you the benefits that a player who sticks with a site for several years gets! As some sites offer different bonuses as time goes on as well as different feature updates, you should see what the site offers because you go into it for the best possible effect to your fantasy sports career. The more you wait, the more competition there will be, so try out a site now and see how it goes today!