Updated: January 2017

Daily Fantasy Sports Sites

Have you ever placed a bet on your favorite sports team and players at your local vendor for the chance that you will win and double your bet? Sure, there is the fun in this, but there is a lot of risks and disadvantages to this system. Using a local vendor will make you have to rely on the vendor to handle all the bets and payout the winnings accordingly. Alongside this, you have to trust the vendor to not cut on your winnings or run away with everything, making betting a risky sport. That’s where daily fantasy sports sites come in handy, as they are the ones to go to if you want to bet on your teams based on skill.

You may also be one of those that are still betting on teams and hoping that your team wins. If you are one of these people, then you are missing out on a lot of action, as you can take your knowledge to the next level and create your own team regardless of which team they are, so that you no longer have to shout at the players you hate and have the ones you love on your team. With the help of these daily fantasy sport sites, you can now create your team and watch your players rack up points to get you the number 1 position!

What is Daily Fantasy Sports?

Daily fantasy sports is a game where players build a virtual team that consists of professional players within a league. For instance, if the league is the National Football League, then the players within the league will gain points based on their performance in their games, such as the number of touchdowns they score, successful runs, interceptions, etc. These points will then be used to determine who built the best team based on the total amount of points that the professional players earned in total. You will be given a salary cap of a certain amount and a cap of the amount of players you have in your team. The expensive players are the ones that are most likely to gain a lot of points such as the MVP’s or stars of each team and you will have to choose between average players, expensive players, and the cheaper players.

Although picking the right players for your team is the hardest part when you start, it gets progressively easier as you will be able to predict which players will outperform others and when an underdog player will gain a lot of points. In DFS, winning is another huge factor, so if you choose a team full of players from the team that won, you will most likely be in the percentile that wins part of the prize pot and be above those that had a team that had a mix of the players from the teams that lost and won.

This type of fantasy sport is favored by a lot of players, as it allows them to participate in these games that can take place and award them with winnings within just a day. However, there may be games that can last throughout the entire league, few placement games, or even just a single game. The most dominating type however, is the daily fantasy sport, as you can create teams based on two teams that play each other on one day and based on the team you create, you can compete against other virtual teams to see who can create the best team possible regardless of which team they are on professionally.

As an alternate game to online sports betting, most of DFS requires that you make a deposit to enter into the pot to play the DFS game. The amount that you place inside these pots vary depending on the pot, but most of the time, the more you have to pay to get into the game, the more you will get for having one of the best created teams. One of the best daily fantasy sites, DraftKings, allows you to enter for a little amount while being able to have a huge pot due to the amount of players that enter.

Is Daily Fantasy Sports Legal?

There are a lot of questions regarding the status of fantasy sports legally, but the bottom line is, it’s legal. The reason that many people think by default that fantasy sports is illegal alongside other gambling and betting activities, is because the average population believe that fantasy sports is based on luck. However, due to this type of betting being based on skill and utilizing the player’s knowledge of the professional players, it is legal under the government’s eyes and perfectly safe to play.

As there are also free daily fantasy sports sites as well, this type of betting cannot be completely banned as it will be impossible to track down all the sites that offer paid betting and the sites that offer free betting. The bottom line is, this type of play is under fair play due to it requiring superior knowledge of the players to make the teams. This makes this a “sport” and not all on gambling, so if you are interested in creating your own teams and entering pots, then don’t feel afraid, as it is perfectly legal to do so.

Daily fantasy sports is legal in most states, but some states still ban the usage of DFS sites. If you are not sure if your state is okay to play DFS in, then we recommend that you check online to see. However, the percentage of states that aren’t allowed is low compared to the ones that are allowed, so most likely you will be able to play. Some states that ban most DFS sites include Alabama, Arizona, Louisiana, and Washington, with some more states that ban these sites as well.

Daily Fantasy Site Reviews

Below, we will review the top fantasy sports sites that are available today. We have picked these five, as they have the most trust and reliability and that is a huge factor when it comes to DFS sites. As our review is mostly our opinion of their service, we recommend that you choose the best one for you that meets your standards, so that you can have the most pleasant fantasy sport experience you can have.

Some sites have bonuses that require a deposit and some sites have bonuses that give you a few free passes to games. If you would rather have a match on your deposit rather than free passes to fantasy games, then we recommend signing up for those sites. However, if you try out all the sites, then you can check out which site you like the most and take advantage of the bonus to the full extent, so that you can see the most profit out of it. Since some sites offer refunds of the first bet if it is under a certain amount, be sure to take advantage of it and use it as necessary when testing out these sites.

1. DraftKings

This site is one of the most well-known and respectable daily fantasy sites in this category. They have been in this area the longest and know what to offer to give you the best experience possible. If you are just starting out and want a “no strings attached” service, then this should be a site that you should look into. As DraftKings is also offering many incentives for you to join and try them out, it is a good opportunity to try them out, as you will get bonuses for doing so. Some of these bonuses may be a match on your first deposit or even a free entry into a pot!

With the option to play with your friends or join public lobbies, you can choose whichever you wish to have the best experience. With quick daily games or weekly games, you can choose the one that fits you instead of having to commit to a season, so that you can see the return on your bet as soon as possible. If you are a beginner and you would rather practice before you deposit and play, then there is also the option to play for free to test your skills before you enter a pot. This way, you can see how well you perform and see how great your knowledge is in your players and see how well you rank against other players using the leaderboard.

DraftKings is a good choice if you are looking for a site to start playing in fantasy sports leagues, as they have a newbie-friendly system that will guide you throughout your first few bets. These guides will keep you on the right track in making the perfect team, so that you can start winning some bets and possibly deposit to get in a pot to win big. We highly recommend DraftKings whether you are a beginner or a seasoned player, as the bonuses you get for trying them out are a great incentive to have and because their system will let you betting and creating teams in no time.

2. FanDuel

FanDuel is another great alternative if you want to get into daily fantasy sports. FanDuel is also one of DraftKings direct competitors as they were the main deal before DraftKings entered the scene. As FanDuel was one of the biggest sites before DraftKings started launching ad campaigns to promote their site, FanDuel has everything to offer and you will get everything that you will expect from a trusted site. One of the reasons that we recommend FanDuel is because they offer large prize pools and offer a wide range of sports to build teams on.

Whether you are one who likes to go in big or whether you are one who likes to go in for smaller pots to build up cash, FanDuel is for you, as there are pots for everyone, big or small. With the cheapest pot being just $1, you can get enter a paid pot for a low buy-in price. There are also many free pots for you to join and if you make it to the top 50%, you’ll get rewarded!

If you are completely new to DFS, then you should check out this site, as they are currently offering a promotion where you can get access to five free beginner contests if you are a new member. These games will consist of only new beginners like you, so that you can have a fair chance of winning. If you are in the top 50 percentile, you’ll get rewarded and be on your way to hit it big with fantasy sports!

3. FantasyDraft

Although not a popular site as FanDuel and DraftKings, FantasyDraft is another fantasy sport site that is an option. Unlike other smaller DFS sites, FantasyDraft is known for their simple and sleek website interface, larger payout zone, and multi-entry capping. These features aren’t seen in most smaller sites which makes FantasyDraft a good choice for those looking for smaller sites to play on for less competition.

For each game, FantasyDraft pays out to a minimum of 25% players, which is huge compared to other similar sites. This lets you have a bigger chance of winning a part of the pot, even if you didn’t do so good. Also, since the site has multi-entry capping, you can go into different size pots depending on how much you are willing to put in. This lets you go into smaller pots if you don’t want to bet too much for a smaller gain and you can also go into bigger pots if you want to try to win more.

If you care about these sites putting the players first before their profits, then FantasyDraft is for you, as they do everything they can to put you first. As mentioned before, they offer a larger payout zone for the players to earn more and they also offer excellent customer support with fast payouts. This is one advantage of playing on a smaller site, as you will get more attention and help then a site like DraftKings who has an overwhelming number of players.If you haven’t tried out a smaller site yet, FantasyDraft may be one to look out for, as you will see less competition and possibly more gain along with their amazing support and website.

4. DraftDay

DraftDay is a site that is a bit unique compared to other sites because of the different types of ways you can play fantasy sports for money. Normally, you can only create teams and compare them against other players to see who ranks the best, but with DraftDay, you can create a bracket to see who gets the most accurate one. Along with this popular game mode, there are also other quick match modes which will help keep you excited and playing without being bored of just one mode.

Unlike some other popular sites like DraftKings, you have 100% money back guarantee on your first game that is under $11. So if you want to try out their DFS, then try playing a game and if you don’t like it, then you can simply file for a refund and they will give your money back to you, no questions asked.  If you are considering to switch to this site from another, the money back guarantee is another great option as you can ask for a refund if you don’t like DraftDay compared to your old site. However, you will not be able to get a refund if your bet passes the cap of $11, so make sure that your bet isn’t over that amount as you won’t be able to request a refund for that game.

We recommend DraftDay if you are a player that likes to try out new games once in awhile instead of the same game over and over again. Since this platform releases new games every once in awhile, you can always stay entertained and enjoy the new modes and have a possibility to earn big. Since DraftDay has paid over $30 million in prize money so far, you can be sure that you will be getting your money’s worth if you happen to win.

5. FantasyAces

FantasyAces is another one of the top daily fantasy sport sites that we recommend for a few reasons. The first is that with this site, you’ll be able to participate in games with the help of their tools that can guide new or experienced players alike in choosing the best teams possible. Although other DFS sites may offer this, FantasyAces has one of the best ones in our opinion with these tools being called, “Scout” and “Salary Pro.” With the right usage of these tools, you can easily gain an advantage of other players and rank high.

Withdrawal is a huge issue for some people since they would rather withdraw through their PayPal and not through their bank account for several reasons. With FantasyAces this isn’t a problem, as you can withdraw through your PayPal account in a matter of seconds. Since FantasyAces are known to have a fast and speedy payout process, you won’t have to wait hours and days to get the money you won.

If you are considering playing with FantasyAces due to their unique tools and fast withdrawal system, then you should take advantage of the new users bonus, as you can get a 200% bonus to your deposit up to $200. So for only $200, you can get over $500+ for free which can help you enter bigger pots and have a better opportunity to win a bigger amount which you can withdraw in a matter of seconds.

Top Daily Fantasy Sports Sites

We recommend that you go with any of the above DFS sites if you see an advantage to go with any of them. However, we recommend FanDuel over all other sites because their signup bonus and the chances that you will get a profit on your bet is a lot bigger than other sites. If you can manage to build a semi-decent team consistently, you’ll love FanDuel or FantasyDraft, as you will most likely be part of the group that receives a prize or bonus. If you need a bit more help and are a beginner, then we recommend that you use DraftDay or DraftKings as they are a bit more friendly for beginners.

As daily fantasy sports will keep on growing as more players start joining this community, you should get a head start and grow your knowledge of players and how the game works, so that when this type of betting becomes a lot bigger, you’ll be on the top knowing everything inside out. Since some sites offer a minimum win of 25% or more, the more players there are, the more players that will win. The faster you start, the easier it will be for you to pick the right players for your team to rank in the percentile that will get awarded.


Which site is truly the best? That depends on your playing style, your preferences, and which signup bonus you like the most. If you would rather play for free until you make just enough money to start going into paid pots, then we recommend that you sign up for the sites that offer free games with paid rewards and if you would rather play on sites that have less competition, then we recommend that you play on DFS sites that have less members. Daily fantasy sports are a great way to earn some more pocket cash to spend on hobbies and are fun as well. However, if you want to earn big, then depositing large amounts to play in the larger pots are a good choice as well.