Fantasy football names are more than just what many perceive them to be. They dictate what people will think of your team when the league starts at some point during summer. Fantasy people are known to choose names based on numerous things. Most people love to go personal and mention things closer to them; their love life, favorite color, dog names and so on and so forth. But, because fantasy football team names mean a lot to those who participate, wouldn’t it be appropriate for one to choose a super fantasy name that will bring out jealousy in other players?

These days jealousy is no longer defined the same old way—having deep hatred for something you can’t have. These days people feel jealous because you are funnier than them. Today we have compiled a list of funny fantasy names that will make other players in your league jealous. Jealous to the extent they will want to have your name. Anyway here’s the list.

Funny Fantasy Football Team Names

  1. The Sheep Leading Detroit Lions
  2. Dallas Cowboys Never touchdown
  3. Dallas Brokeback Mountain
  4. Cowboys Game of Throwins
  5. Cleveland Nowins Fornow
  6. Dallas Endzone
  7. Gronkey Punch
  8. Brady Perfect Balls
  9. Toms Soft balls
  10. Brady Deflated balls
  11. Hottest Quarterback ever
  12. Odell Cliffhanger
  13. Beckhams Glue-All
  14. Bend it Like Odell
  15. Texans Never quit
  16. Jaguars Superbowl
  17. Finally the Jaguars
  18. Jacksonville Prolific offense
  19. Chris Johnson Code Blues
  20. Tennessee Quarterbacks
  21. Ellie Mannings Nature Calls
  22. Giants Wins Coin Toss
  23. The Mannings Greatest Troll
  24. Kansas Impenetrable D’fense
  25. Game of Throwaways
  26. Dez Nuts
  27. The Forte Year old Virgin
  28. The Devil in Julio Jones
  29. Clowney giants
  30. Calvin and the Chipmunks
  31. I now pronounce you Lucky and Larry
  32. Elliot and Dak Prescotts Bro
  33. Kentucky Lucky
  34. Breezes King of the Drews
  35. I watch the raiders
  36. Oakland Putos
  37. Raiders will rise
  38. Not a Seattle Fan
  39. Seattle DeadHawks
  40. Seahawks Fever At work
  41. Seahawks Bandwagon Leader
  42. Stairway to Evans
  43. Candy Graham for Mongo
  44. Yeldon and Bayside High
  45. Odell’s balls
  46. Russels Love Muscles
  47. Sanders to the Moon
  48. Broncos Men Tights
  49. Denver’s Lost Bowl
  50. Broncos got touchdowns

What is your fantasy football team name? Do you have any other ideas for funny fantasy football team names? Leave them in the comment section below!